Buy an Essay:
Is It OK to Use Cheap Writing Help?

The glacial pace toward social progress notwithstanding, US universities change for the better. If twenty years ago the recruitment efforts of college administrations were concentrated solely on the US residents, now a campus is the best place to observe vibrant diversity. Students hailing from India, Korea, Turkey and other countries are excited about studying here; however, they all share a common struggle: poor written English skills. Therefore, many of them look where to buy custom essays at affordable price. Some frantically google “help me write my paper within the hour.” Others browse Craigslist advertisements in an attempt to find someone who will write them several papers in 6 hours. They look for the cheapest website and the most reliable service. But is it OK? Is it normal to outsource your writing process to online experts? For the sake of fairness, it must be noted that a large percentage of native students regularly uses professional writing services. Often, becoming a customer of such companies is the only way to cope with the excessive academic load. Many learners are not ready to study for twelve-fourteen hours a day, which is why they seek either already written or customized essays. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that it is absolutely normal to occasionally use the external help.

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Buy College Essays Online:
What You Need to Know

There several things to keep in mind when buying an essay for high school or college. We have collected excellent tips for finding a legit writing service. Pay heed to the following advice from us to stay away from trouble and discover the best websites for your papers:

  1. Stay away from brand new companies. Can you get decent help from a new company? Maybe. But it is wise to stay on the safe side and use services of a well-established business.
  2. Insanely fast delivery is a scam. If a company promises to deliver you a paper in an hour or two, they are trying to scam you.
  3. A low cost comes with poor quality. The lower the cost, the poorer the quality of a paper you’ll get. If the cost is too low, you are dealing with snake oil salesmen.
  4. Look for a zero plagiarism guarantee. If the company doesn’t guarantee 100% uniqueness, be ready to find multiple instances of plagiarism in your essay.

Don’t Buy Essay Papers to Get A+

Making 100% on a paper is a dream of every student. There’s no surprise then that many college-goers look where to purchase perfect essays. The sobering truth is that buying a super good paper for university is possible but buying an A+ paper is something of a myth. There are many academic writing services that conduct thorough research and produce superior essays. Occasionally, a paper purchased from them will yield you a cherished A+. But such instances are rare. In most cases, decent writing services will help you achieve a score of 190-199 and get a B or a B+. There are also online companies that sell cheap essays and promise top grades. The thing is that each professor has a unique approach to grading, which makes it impossible to guarantee a certain grade. Therefore, stay away from companies promising you A+ papers because they are fraudsters who are after your money.

Is Buying an Essay Online a Form of Cheating?

You would be surprised to find out how many students have used a professional writing website to purchase cheap fully written papers. Those who just plan on benefiting from such services believe that they are necessary for scholarship and want to know whether they are legal or illegal. The students flock to the Web and frantically google “is buying essays plagiarism or not?” Clearly, the use of writing assistance is extremely popular, and it is not something that will go away. But is it safe? The truth is in the middle. Generally, the use of writing services is frowned upon by universities, IF a student submits purchased essays and articles as their own. In such a case the external help is rightfully considered cheating because a learner uses someone’s work with no input or effort of their own. If, on the other hand, a student does their best to understand how an essay is written, extract some tips, and use it as guidance to write their own piece, then the practice becomes educational. International students who struggle with English can considerably improve their writing process using model essays. Such use of writing services is non-restrictive. After all, it is much smarter than submitting plagiarized papers distributed on the Web for free.

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How to Buy Essay Writing without Getting Caught

You want to use an online writing service and need to know how to stay out of trouble. First of all, never, ever, ever buy pre-written essays. The companies that sell already written papers are simply fraudsters who don’t care about your academic success. The thing is that finished essays have already been downloaded and submitted by other students, which is why they will immediately be flagged as plagiarized by Turnitin. To stay safe, you should only use papers written by writers or degree-holding professionals. When buying an essay from experts, you know that it is 100% original. Thus, no one will ever find out that you’ve used someone’s help.

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Where to Buy Essays and
How to Check Them

Having discussed why do people use writing help, let’s consider where to get it. Is there the best place to buy an essay for college? Well, it depends. Some students look for English-speaking writers; others don’t care about that and only want a good price. Some need a 1000-word admissions essay; other look for a 5-paragraph book review. Therefore, the best website for you is not necessarily the best solution for others. “How can I choose then?” you wonder. The answer is simple: look for the safest online service and always inspect the quality of its papers. If you don’t know how to assess a paper, use the tools described in the section next to this text. They will help you check readability, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling in papers containing 250, 500, 700, 800, 1500 words and more!

Here are a few resources that you might find useful when looking for a place to order an essay or another college paper. They are not niche leaders, and we don't assert that they are the best and the finest out there. Yet, for all that we know, these are real services that will have your assignment done and delivered on time. At the same time, it's totally up to you to choose the agency where you would place an order and pay the consequences.

BuyEssayClub Review

Buy Essay Club is a quite young UK academic writing agency. They claim to deliver papers to various English-speaking countries though we haven't seen their website among popular essay writing resources in the US. BuyEessayClub com has a decent range of provided services for high school, college, and university students as well as Masters and Ph.D. degree-seekers. You can buy essay, term paper, coursework, report, speech and other types of academic papers there – either the entire piece or a part of it. Paraphrasing, editing, and proofreading are also available. Prices for their work are below the market average and start from $10 per page for writing (high school level, 14-day deadline) and $5 for proofreading (same level, same deadline). Oh, and they have discounts for first-time buyers.

Because the service is relatively new, one may defensibly wonder is BuyEssayClub legit? The short answer is yes. While performing research and looking through reviews on the Web, we didn't find any evidence of Buy Essay Club being involved in some kind of illegal activity or scam. Thus, it's fairly safe to place an order there.

JustBuyEssay Reviews

Another fresh writing company that caught our eye is Just Buy Essay com from the USA. Texas is known for many high-level colleges and universities, so it's no wonder that the Dallas-based writing service made it to our list. You won't find plenty of Just Buy Essay reviews on SiteJabber or TrustPilot, but those you'd come across are mostly positive.

What makes a good first impression is their website – simple and intuitive, without tons of shiny banners and annoying pop-ups. The selection of assignments JustBuyEssay offers can satisfy every need of an average high school, college or university student with a writing or editing needs: essays, lab reports, research papers, reviews, problem solving, and even dissertation. The price per page starts at fairly low $12-25 (with the latter being for the Ph.D. level of complexity) with a "Premium Writer" extra available (boosts the cost approximately 1,5 times). Freebies that come with an order include reference page, plag check, unlimited revisions, and (that's a good one) dissertation and thesis draft. Overall, seems a good and decent place to try out buying essays online.

BuyEssayFriend Review

"Your friend buys essay here!" says the company's slogan; considering the popularity of paper writing services and positive Buy Essay Friend reviews, it's probably true. That said, BuyEssayFriend is yet another agency in a long row of essay mills offering a standard set of services – writing or editing college and university papers. The only difference from the previous two companies is that they have three complexity levels instead of five – Undergraduate, Bachelor, Professional. Plus, BuyEssayFriend displays one of the lowest prices per page in the market - $9.97 for the Undergraduate with a 14-day deadline.

One of the really good things about BuyEssayFriend is their range of extra services. For an additional payment, you can order a plagiarism report, choose the preferred writer, get an abstract, outline or used sources. "Any discounts?", you might ask. "Not much", we say: if you spend $500 or $1000, you get 5% or 10% off your orders respectively. On the other hand, the loyalty program looks far more attractive. The thing is, you get a 10% bonus on your every order and can use them later to pay for the future assignments.

To make a long story short, we recommend you visit their website, check out their blog and samples or even talk to support to make the final decision about placing an order there. Actually, this advice can be applied to every writing service with decent feedback on review platforms.

How to Buy an Essay for College

We have discussed why do people want to purchase an essay or a report. Now it’s time to consider how to buy one. The first thing students need to know about ordering an essay is that no one will deliver them an essay within the hour. If a company promises to send you a paper in such a short term, it either lies or sells pre-written essays. Even the top agencies don’t write papers in less than three hours. Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing papers is the online process. The ordering should be quick, reliable, and simple. You don’t want to deal with redundant operations. The fewer steps you take to buy a paper, the better.

There is a multitude of options available for students who want to outsource their writing responsibilities. Be sure to explore several of them to arrive at the optimum solution for your wallet and your taste.


Textalyzer is a powerful app for upping your writing game. So, how does it work? The tool quickly analyzes a paper and detects common grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. What is even cooler is that Textalyzer offers useful suggestions for correcting the discovered mistakes. You can also use the tool to improve the readability of your essay or website article. Just scan the text with Textalyzer, and it will show you words with more than 4 syllables and sentences containing over 30 syllables. Trim them down to make the piece easily digestible for the reader. The app can also be used to find interesting adverbs to make your writing more powerful. Finally, the clich_ find feature of Textalyzer, will help to save your professor from a terrible reading-related condition known as “banality overdose.”


This neat app utilizes standard Unix tools to check diction and readability in an uploaded text. A tool called Diction is used to identify and remove commonly misused word pairs. Students are often embarrassed by writing “nipped in the butt” instead of “nipped in the bud”; the same applies to “an escape goat” vs. “a scapegoat.” You won’t feel ashamed if you use the Diction function of Story Toolz. Another feature you absolutely have to check is Style. Upon analyzing surface qualities of a text, the tool grades it using Flesch-Kincaid, Coleman-Liau, Flesch Reading Ease, Gunning fog, SMOG and other indexes. You’ll be provided with the number of characters, words, characters per word, sentences, paragraphs, and other numeral characteristics of the piece. StoryToolz will help you understand the quality of the writing service you use.

Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools is a doorway to error-free English. It is a web-based utility, which means that you won’t have to download anything. The utility boasts an impressive number of tools with visualization functions. By using them, you can run a quick content analysis and obtain a graphic showing the linguistic structure of your essay. Voyant Tools will help reveal your texts’ term lengths, stop words, keywords, and changes in their frequency. Vocal score and readability score of an essay can also be fetched on demand. The instrument provides a rudimentary way of generating a word cloud from any text, which can considerably aid its comprehension. The tool can even be used for exploring Moretti’s method of distant reading. On Voyant-Tools website, you can find extensive documentation that will guide you through each step in the use of the utility.


Webfx is a popular readability utility that will be of use for both students wanting to assess the quality of their paper and SEO experts. The tool allows checking the text’s readability, which is a measure of the following qualities: speed of perception, reading speed, and fatigue in reading. To ensure that a paper can be easily understood, Webfx reviews its linguistic structure, vocabulary, and syntax. Then, it provides its user with pro suggestions for changing the readability level from mediocre to great. In addition to running readability formulas, the software assesses the use of culture and gender pronouns, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The simple interface of the utility will be appreciated by novice and expert users alike. Introduce Webfx into your writing toolset to make your papers more enjoyable for the readers.

Readability Formulas

Readabilityformulas is an ultimate readability calculator for student writers. The online utility is comprised of six tools: automatic readability checker, Fry graph readability calculator, Raygor estimate graph calculator, new Dale-Chall readability calculator, Spache readability calculator, and Powers-Sumner-Kearl readability formula calculator. Don’t know what are the difficult words in your text? No problem! The tool will quickly scan the document and provide you with the exhaustive list of potentially complex words and let you decide which should be left and which should be removed. Thus, you will ensure that your text can be read at optimal speed and understood with ease by your readers. The knowledge of potentially difficult words and phrases will also provide you with greater confidence in crafting your future papers.